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Jolly5pro has achieved a great success worldwide in the course of 15 days. I am grateful to all of you who showed their trust in Jolly5pro by investing in it.

It is time that I reveal to our members and all those, who are yet to join us, a big surprise. Jolly5pro is a part of MediaGetInvest (MGI) that is investing in the development of Android applications for TV media. By joining MGI, members will be able to use our applications and make a substantial income. One of the applications, which will be tested during this year, will enable our members to use it in their smart phones, tablets and TV sets through SmartAndroid TV Box which can be carried anywhere you go – be it in your vacation home, during their summer and winter holidays, wherever they are in the world. The application will be sold through the official MGI website at

A brief description of MGI is given below. Everyone, who joins MGI through the site, will have a possibility to earn in three ways:

1. Referral commissions on 10 levels,

2. On the weak leg in the binary system, and

3. Earnings on the biggest self-sustainable system in the world.

I would like to point out that all of you, who worked with me and invested in Amazing5, know very well what a self-sustaining system of earnings I created for you and that with only one investment you were able to keep earning and earning. Now I have developed this strategy even further in the MGI platform as the system is made to be self-sustaining by investing only one time which will enable you earn indefinitely, every day, a few times per week, several times per month, many more times per year, every year. The system of earnings, which I created for my referrals in Amazing5, and have integrated it in MGI, is not even 10% of the MGI system – all that is required to earn in MGI is an investment.

Your investment in MGI is only €30, out of which €20 goes into a binary system and €10 goes into a self-sustaining system, or as I like to call it – “a drum machine”. As you enter the drum machine, the MGI system of earnings will provide you financial independence for the rest of your life.

Why am I now telling you about MGI?

- We are starting a TOP150 list in Jolly5pro today. The first 150 leaders in MGI will be chosen through Jolly5pro.


Jolly5pro three long-term plans – Jolly Basic, Jolly PRO and Jolly VIP – have been designed intentionally. Members can gain points with Jolly5pro and secure their placement on the TOP150 list. To enter into the TOP150 list, you must have at least one of the long-term plans; also the time (date) of purchase of the long-term plan will play an important part in collecting the points. On one hand, this will place you on the TOP150 list, and on the other hand, you will gain the highest number of points. Third, with only one long-term plan in Jolly5pro, you are already qualified to be part of MGI. You will receive a unique code to be entered into the MGI platform and you will obtain a position according to the number of points you earned. You will login into your MGI account with a user name and password which will be sent to you and then you will change your password. Fourth, everyone, who will enter TOP150 list, will be automatically active in the MGI binary system, which means that you are not required to have two paid members (one member in the left and the other member in the right leg) and you can start earning immediately from the weak leg, from the referral commission, and from the earnings in the MGI self-sustaining system.

The basic earnings in the binary system will be 12% in the weak leg. Those, who joined through TOP150 list, will earn according to the long-term plan they purchased:

* If you purchased Jolly Basic plan, you will earn 13% in the weak leg.

* If you purchased Jolly PRO plan, you will earn 14% in the weak leg.

* If you purchased Jolly VIP plan, you will earn 15% in the weak leg.

- Jolly5pro members will be allocated points for the MGI TOP150 list as follows:

Everyone, who invested in Jolly5pro till 19 June 2016, will automatically get 20 points.

Jolly Basic plan will give you 100 points,

Jolly PRO plan will give you 300 points,

Jolly VIP plan will give you 500 points, and

each reinvestment in Jolly5pro will give you additional 20 points.

Each new investment in Jolly5pro will give you another 20 points, in addition to the points you will gain for the chosen plan.

Information on the number of points you collected for the previous day will be displayed in your back office daily, as well as publicly on the Jolly5pro site.

You will be able to collect points for the MGI binary system for 30 days, as per the counter at

- All the members, who make it into the MGI TOP150 list, will be automatically placed in the MGI binary system from left to right. Other members, who buy a long-term plan, but have not made it into the MGI TOP150 list, will also be placed in the MGI binary system once they pay €30 to become active MGI members and then they will be placed in the MGI binary system.

We are launching the MGI TOP150 list now. Happy earnings :)

MGI TOP150 LEADERS (The table will not show members who have less than 20 points):

No User Name Points Long-term Plan
1 eurodolarek 2718 YES
2 vteofilovska 2550 YES
3 workhome 1420,5 YES
4 magicmk 1350 YES
5 chazwyk 1075 YES
6 peterpri 722,5 YES
7 manzzini 682,5 YES
8 TripleClick 611,5 YES
9 KEING63 591,5 YES
10 Ralfin 575 YES
11 slave69 536 YES
12 dimcemkd 533,5 YES
13 Ivan71 470 YES
14 kotor1954 406 YES
15 zvonimir1977 390 YES
16 Roberto99 383 YES
17 m44460 332,5 YES
18 Aleksandra 315 YES
19 backy93 282 YES
20 VasilT 279 YES
21 bane64 254,5 YES
22 asankovic333 246 YES
23 borosoko 245 YES
24 nina64 235 YES
25 nensi51 230,5 YES
26 tatjana 222,5 YES
27 Jolly84 200 YES
28 cakarmk 200 YES
29 NadeMK 200 YES
30 Fuchse 189 YES
31 maja064 189 YES
32 zoka1980 185 YES
33 dusica 183 YES
34 LeopardA4 180,5 YES
35 sunrise 161 YES
36 BestWorks 140 YES
37 ProfitsIPS 135 YES
38 Caplja 100 YES
39 Vanchos 100 YES
40 beka01 700 NO
41 brudracz 554 NO
42 Dragana984 310,5 NO
43 Pale41 277,5 NO
44 SpeeDiK 250 NO
45 besnik22 250 NO
46 Teaeva 200 NO
47 ilazevski 200 NO
48 AlbiStar 200 NO
49 lilipud 200 NO
50 Temomk 200 NO
51 Vargi0624 195 NO
52 mikidigital 185 NO
53 magdalenka 177,5 NO
54 suzanav 175 NO
55 gaalen 163 NO
56 Nmaeur 154,5 NO
57 jtosevska 150 NO
58 shivani 150 NO
59 westsiera1 140 NO
60 profit 140 NO
61 Marcela54 138,5 NO
62 dragana61 133 NO
63 lentilka 130,5 NO
64 inosava40 110 NO
65 Jolly5Somer 108 NO
66 Immanuel 102,5 NO
67 Mawerick1969 96,5 NO
68 jasko375 96 NO
69 brnci57 95 NO
70 willywaser 94,5 NO
71 dragana91 89 NO
72 backy90 84 NO
73 cechvo 81,5 NO
74 saska123 80 NO
75 Jolly5Sommer 79,5 NO
76 Dimitar 77 NO
77 Odouch 75,5 NO
78 sandra39297 70 NO
79 LR2151 69,5 NO
80 aliens 69 NO
81 betche 69 NO
82 jasam309 67 NO
83 kapateam 64 NO
84 penshov7068 60 NO
85 Ici1979 60 NO
86 hracho 57,5 NO
87 dukidule 57,5 NO
88 meggy123 57 NO
89 cafourek 54 NO
90 ninozg1 53 NO
91 gaalenko 51 NO
92 zehida 45 NO
94 lesvila 44 NO
95 daco434 43 NO
96 srbac023 42 NO
97 basajan162 41 NO
98 martinh071 40 NO
99 ja1998 38,5 NO
100 Y2KTom 38,5 NO
101 calapi 35,5 NO
102 Syky12 35 NO
103 rensi64 34,5 NO
104 nensy12 34 NO
105 dejan78 30,5 NO
106 eternal7 30 NO
107 RaDe013 30 NO

You invest in Jolly Basic 100
You invest in Jolly PRO 300
You invest in Jolly VIP 500
A referral invests in Jolly Basic: you get 25% of the deposit 25
A referral invests in Jolly PRO: you get 25% of the deposit 75
A referral invests in Jolly VIP: you get 25% of the deposit 125
You invest in Jolly Biz: you get 50% of the deposit (e.g. deposit of $100) 50
You reinvest in Jolly Biz from the balance: you get 70% of the reinvestment (e.g. reinvestment of $100) 70
A referral invests in Jolly Biz: you get 25% of the deposit (e.g. a deposit of $100) 25
A referral reinvests in Jolly Biz: you get 10 points + 25% of the deposit (e.g. a deposit of $100) 35
You invest in a cycler of $50 25
You invest in a cycler of $20 10
You invest in a cycler of $10 5
You invest in a cycler of $5 2
A referral invests in a cycler of $50 10
A referral invests in a cycler of $20 4
A referral invests in a cycler of $10 2
A referral invests in a cycler of $5 1
You buy a Gift Code of $1. 1
A referral buys a Gift Code of $1 0,5
If members have equal number of points, their placement on the MGI TOP150 list will be decided by the date and time of investment

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